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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 26, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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that -- to avoid run that's are closed. and in the back country to be aware of sign autos just by far the most and greatest indicator but other things we feel snow pack collapsing underneath us. if we see shooting cracks opening up akrts snow surface, and low angle terrain. we've had a lot of recent ne nu snowfall. rapid warming. those are really easy things to understand that nay stur telling you snow pack is unstable. >> every day sierra avalanche center as well as u.s. forest service and individual ski resorts have been sending out people to inspect for dangers before the day opened. advise is educate yourself go. with a partner, at this point the center saying that the danger is considerable, and tree lined and below, especially on steep slopes facing to the north, and to the east and in other areas there is a moderate ranger of
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avalanches. live in truckee, abc 7 news. >> john, thank you very much. >> rainfall totals from storms. sandhya? >> looking at live doppler 7 we're seeing isolated showers at this hour, just southeast, you can see light returns here. heading down towards hills, still a pop up shower showing up, rainfall in last 12 hours, san francisco more than an inch. 63 in santa rosa. towards east bay, oakland close to an inch there. san jose, 61/100ths6 rain. you're going get a chance to dry out. break is coming up but another storm will be returning. i'll let you know timing of the storm and a look at your new year's eve forecast coming up.
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>> days of rain taking a toll on hill slides. this tree came down in burlingame neighborhood, a video sent to you reports blocked roads. and here is one being taken down in berkly. after part of it fell across some phone line was a car carred below. and tonight abc 7 news is live in mill valley with, in marin county with a look at the storm story. cornell? >> yes. you know so many hills and mountains and that is part of the beat yu of but tonight they're saturated like this one behind me. the mountain is just so wet. i can't believe it. it's raising a fear of mudslides and toppled trees. tree crews say it's not, but they wanted for christmas. so much work, they can barely give up this, tree one of dozens to topple nofr yoevr night. the family snapped a picture after the tree blocked the
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road. >> this time, when i saw it, i was just like a massive, like... just like bent soy was kind of like shocked. >> arborists say storms weakened the earth, creating a danger for the public. >> we're noticing out here is just not lth of rain. a lot of moisture. so, the weak winds are falling over. >> tree crews are still removering this 70 foot tree blocking a driveway. so much water coming off mountains that it's creating a spectacle and a lot of worry for firefighters. >> we're concerned about stability here. >> the chief and his crews are watching the hills for any signs of trouble. in 2006, one valley was evacuated. and a wall of mud swallowed this hillside home. the tree says another nature
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gives warning signs. >> leaning posts, trees. walls. all of the things when they lean over, they can show you that the earth is unstable. and could give way. >> today, mill valley found itself at the end of a rainbow. >> and just got off the phone with the fire chief. he says updates, hills and mountains are stable. >> thank you very much. >> a major problem spot has been cleared up. the intersection of highways 12 and 121 has been flooded since heaviest rains hit on sunday but water has now receded and caltrans began removing traffic barriers. residents, nothing new. they've seen it before. no this happens every year. it flows over. they did try to help some of
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the flooding but mother nature wins on this one. it's going over every time. >> it's going slower than expected on the rock slide. boulders on the road have both directions closed from big sur inn. caltrans will control one lane opening at 8:00 a.m. noon and 4:00 tomorrow to allow cars and bicycles to pass. >> a fwroi daily city died last night after a police chase in pasadena enlded in a crash. a boy ask woman from glendale died when a suv smashed into a minivan. the names have not yet been released. pasadena police say the suv took off from the scene of an earlier fatal shooting and someone threw a loaded gun out of the window. all four people
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sn. uv arrested and charged with murder. >> a construction worker remains in critical condition after being knocked unconscious in a fall in a san francisco work site. these pictures over that site in edgehill way. he fell 20 feet with 10 minutes before anyone noticed he had fallen. >> we're learning more details about the young woman accused of a hit and run that killed a tour skbrift injured several others. the woman had a court houring today. we have the latest on this story. carolyn? >> the lawyer for gina says her client has never been in trouble with the law and in fact, wanted to become a police officer. gina did not seem to ak naj noj family or friends packing the courtroom today. some of them wiping tears. the 23-year-old san francisco woman is accused of being drunk behind the wheel, and
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then, taking off after plowing her car into a group of pedestrians last week. they had been walking along td road by the scenic twin peaks vista point. the 56-year-old visiting from china, was killed when she was knocked down the hillside. her son and two other friends were injured. >> according to her attorney, eunice may have learned rights in school. >> she was a quarter short of graduating from college. studying criminal justice, hoping to become a police officer. >> now, she's in custody on $2 million bail, facing four felonies including vehicular manslaughter, if she's able to post bail the judge ordered thor wear an alcohol monitor to refrain from driving. the district attorney says this case will be handled in his words, very aggressively. >> in this particular defendant was not only causing a tragedy, but in addition to
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that, she fled the scene and that also has consequences and will be dealt with accordingly. >> the young woman supporters did not want to talk today. but her attorney hinted at recent losses she says may have play aid role in the tragedy. >> there are thing that's their family has been going through. that probably has a lot to do with the full picture of how everything happened the way it did on thursday. >> we did not see members of the victim's family in court today. those injure have had been release frtd hospital. gina returns to court next week. in the newsroom abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> still to come tonight here on abc 7 news you're going to hear from a woman who became a victim of random violence. she was a @ church on christmas eve. she'll tell you how she protected her twin autos the federal fiscal cliff just day as way. so, what if we fall off?
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ahead on 7 on your side, how to make most out of an uncertain financial future. >>s lrx how a little boy's obsession with legos has become a powerful prescription that treats
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in the east bay an oakland mother recovering after being hit by a stray bullet attending church services on christmas eve she. was trying to protect her children from a gunfire. the woman spoke with abc 7
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news today. nick joins us live. how is she doing? >> she is doing very well. i had a chance to speak with her. limited evening skplish i have very poor spanish but she's doing well and can't wait to be back with her family. >> i look back and saw a bullet coming at my son's head and i threw myself over my son. >> she spoke to me after a night at church left her seriously wounded. we were at church and people passed by shooting at the church. >> her pastor was telling a story about the birth of christ. out of nowhere he heard... >> boom. boom. boom. i say to people, stop the sermon, i said go down, fast as you can. >> at least four bullets pierced through the walls and in the path of parishioners. maria moved quickly but
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instincts placed her in the path of one bullet. >> this injured my intestine and stomach. >> the reverend says there were mer than 100 attending a christmas worship s.s most of them spanish speaking, many of them children, all ducking for cover. >> i threw by mi self down and gt a chair. so a bullet hit, there. >> a sobering reminder violence can happen anywhere, at any time. >> i tell people stay cles to god. you never know. >> she will need two more surgeries for her injuries. the reverend says he has no intention of leaving the area. police say their investigation continues. nick smith abc 7 news. >> in fairfield tonight a wm
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arrested after a fatal fire two years ago has been charged with another crime. you might remember the fire claiming the lives of four children left unattended in an apartment where candles were burning. their mothers charging their cell phones in the laundry woom room because there was in electricity in the apartment at the time. one mother is serving a 10 year sentence for involuntary manslaughter. prosecutors planned to charge the other mother but they never got around to it. the second mother now has been charged with robbing a woman at knife point over the weekend and was arraigned this afternoon. >> the day after christmas marks first day of the after rick kin american celebration of qaunza. a tribute to the african heritage through music drew a sold out crowd today. >> from drums to jazz... and of course, gospel... music
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tells a time line of the african american struggle. >> see, hundreds of years ago people were bought and sold and thought of as three fifths of a man. >> but with poetry and dancing the band began a week long celebration of kwanzaa with a musical journey through time. >> few remember when blues were born. here in sauce let qee l.o, the audience is largely kids. many have never seen a performance like this. >> to hear real music it's not just kid stuff, but for everyone. >> so are the seven principals including unity, create activity and faith. kwanzaa started in 1965 after the watts riots. now more than 40 years later there are efforts to broaden its reach as a universal celebration. >> because based on principles
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it's a holiday for everybody on the planet. >> the first day celebrates unity what. better example than music? >> it's just something that has been our soul and is is a language. >> the. >> i love it. >> recognize that, they'll come together as one, one unity. one community. >> in sausalito, abc 7 news. >> fabulous, happy kwanzaa, everyone. >> yes. >> and we've got a break. >> yes. so nice to seat sun for a change. we'll see more sunshine tomorrow, enjoy the break. talking about the next storm in just a moment. i'll show you a live picture right now. we're looking towards san francisco.
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bundle up tonight. let's check out live doppler 7 hd now. it's quieted down as you look at live doppler 7 hd. showers popping up with light returns as you can see here. it's all winding down. chain controls remain in effect for highway 50. snow is finding down. tomorrow morning isolated snow showers, then, looking fine forest of tomorrow and friday. temperatures right now, you'll notice it's starting to get cold. 44 in fairfield, 40s and 50s showing up. patchy fog, sunny skies for thursday. and then, rain returning late friday for the north bay but latest models slowing down the system a little bit. make sure have you a jacket or sweater. watch out for patchy fog.
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34 fairfield. 36 concord, you can see here mid 30s in santa rosa and napa. san francisco, oakland san jose not as cold. into 40s but going to be on l cool side there. here is a look at the system. it's east now, we're now getting a break. so we're going see high pressure ai. break coming up tomorrow, all day, you'll see dry conditions for your thursday. mostly sunny skies. clouds give waig to blue skies. looking at sierra nevada storm winding down, winter torm warning remains in affect until 11:00 p.m. tonight. chain controls still possible. the snow coming down in spots. next system coming in friday evening 5:00 p.m. just clouds around. as we head into 7:00 or 8:00 hour showers developing in the north way. this is friday night. and we take you through time
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tonight. main system into saturday morning. rain moving in across the heart of the bay area, doesn't look very impressive this, will produce maybe a tenth to a quarter inch. half an inch possible over the higher terrain. so if have you plans don't cancel plans. low to mid-50s, clear lake upper 40s mostly sunny skies arng the bay, temperatures into mid-50s for your thursday afternoon. accu-weather forecast looking great if you have plans in next couple days rain doesn't arrive until friday fight. rain switching over to showers for saturday by late saturday afternoon it's winding down. dry sunday. temperatures low to mid-50s, bumping up numbers mid to upper 50s dry for first day of 2013. and then, we'll bring in the rain. the day after, on wednesday.
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>> thank you. >> coming up next, we're going to show you some of the winter weather conditions if other parts of the country. extreme. >> also, mass message in a bottle. a note proved to be a gift to the man who found it.
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driving is still treacherous in parts of the mid west. indiana and illinois felt the brunt of the storm. up to 12 inches fell in areas. that with strong winds created just white out driving conditions as you can see. 500 flights were cancelled and the huge storm is now expected to dump up to 18 inches of snow from new york to maine. >> wow, wow. look at the tornado. >> definitely not a silent night for people in the southeastern united states between texas and mississippi. national weather service reported a record 34 tornadoes on christmas day. dozens of homes destroyed. and at least six deaths blamed on the storm. a state of emergency declared in mississippi. >> the chance of finding a mess yj in a bottle made a homeless man's holiday unforgetable.
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he found a message in the bottle and he tru threw it in a creek. the message for free tickets to the oakland zoo. a young homeless man found it and asked us not to show his face. >> has a note that says. >> you still have it?. >> yes. i carry it. i asked them instead of tickets if i was to get some food. >> dan only too happy to provide food and has given him warm clothing and a bicycle. he's just 27 and wants people to know he is does not want a handout, just a chance to go to work. >> nice tld story. >> yes. >> there is more still to come here on abc 7 news at 6:00 just ahead a late new condition report on first president bush hospitalized for weeks and now, in intensive care. >> we're going to hit stores tonight dispatting return to the holiday shopping season. >> and is the government ask
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country teetering on the edge of the fiscal cliff you might want to change your tax strategy. advice coming up from michael finney. stay with us. we have a lot more to get to.
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the health of former president george hw bush is a growing concern. the 88-year-old transfered to houston methodist hospital. he's been at the center ever since a lot of month because of a chronic cough. but he's been fighting a high fever for days. this morning he was put on a liquides only diet. >> no one puts new icu because things are going well we're hoping medicine was help him turn things around. >> barbara bush spent christmas by his side, former president george w bush expected to visit incoming days. >> retailers reeling tonight after holiday sales missed marks. they were expecting shoppers to spend 2% more than last
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year but turns out sales grew less than 1%. very disappointing. david with, a look the impact on the economy. >> there is no doubt that this is a real blow but kboitsing to impact people making goods retailers put on shelves. dispatting growth is likely tied to conservative gifting. >> i didn't get as many gifts but smaller gifts that meant more. >> mother nature dealt blizzards and hurricane sandy. haijor see vents. the bare area spared disasters and boost bid good economic news, higher home prices and lower unemployment. >> so i anticipate retail sales will be above average owe this is the executive director of the retail management institute.
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with numbers showing slowest growth chains may pull back plan tochlz pand that. could impact hiring. retailers are waiting to see if washington can resolve the impass on a tax, and budget plan. >> there is that uncertainty. they'll be more conservative and do store growth. we're going to have some indications of what direction we're going in. i would think, in the next few weeks. hopefully, next few days. >> uncertainty can have a ripple affect on other sectors of the economy. next month is when toy makers will start showing their new lines. apparel makers won't be far behind. bay area shoppers seem to have confidence lacking in other parts of the count tli. >> we're in silicon valley. people have money here regardless of what is going on
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with weather and everything else. >> and home prices are rebounding. >> shoppers may be impacted by slower sales growth. retailers may have to raise prices in order to eek out a profit or they might have to keep offering discounts just to bring in shoppers. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> sales numbers left a sour taste on wall street mouth today. dow jones fell 24 points. the good news is the president and members of congress have cut their holiday vacations short, to deal with tax increases and spending cuts due to take affect next week. here he is living -- leaving hawaii today. the senate is due to meet tomorrow. the house, no plans to convene and no fiscal cliff negotiations have been scheduled. >> and taxpayers facing
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uncertainty as we head into the new year with the government on the edge of the fiscal cliff. >> for many of us, strategize might not apply this year. >> this is a different year, and there is unknown fate of two popular tax deductions for middle class. deductions for chairitable contribution asks and for home mortgages. when it comes to year end finances old rules may not add up this year. >> it's very difficult to do any type of tax planning and advising because nobody knows what is going to happen. >> much uncertainty centers around whether the united states is about to fall off that fiscal cliff. if that happens would it mean the end of the tear tax cuts. most believe taxes will go up next year. >> one of the things now is
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that people are advising people to get out of high dividend funds and move into tax exempt bonds that won't be taxed. >> the current negotiate yigs between the president and house speaker could mean the reduction of the general deduction for chairitable contributions. >> if i wasn't receiving credits for helping out a charity, or in that situation why help them out? >> statements like that has the ceo of the united way of the bay area and other nonprofiting fighting to retain chairitable deduction autos it would be a big mistake to think this would only affect a few people, there are many donors that itemize and take advantage of the chairitable tax deduction including middle income people. >> and if that were to happen,
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i dithi it has to be phased out over a long period of time. >> it encourages people to buy houses versus renting. and... if they will lower the mortgage rate deductions people will think twice. >> whatever happens, this cpa thinks it's a good time to refinance if you have 15%-to-20 years left on the mortgage. >> and this could make a difference over the length of the mortgage. >> is that could with cleared up soon. president and house speaker resuming talks tomorrow. and as we told you earlier, star bucks is trying to bring the sides together asking it's baristas in washington, d.c. to write "come together" on all of the cups. >> that ought to get it done. >> that will do it thank you. >> sure.
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>> toyota's settlement with disgruntelled customers resolving hundreds of lawsuits who claim the value of the vehicles pluckitted after recalls three years ago when some models accelerated. it's the largest automobile defect settlement in u.s. history. year to year home prices rose 4.3% in october, in the nation's top 240 areas including ours. that is far better than expected bay area had one of the best showings, too. prices up almost 9%. net flix signing a new lease for 140,000 square feet of high end office space in los gatos. this property is still being developed but net flix has right to cancel if it's not finished on time. >> more is ahead tonight on abc 7 news. a little boy's obsession with lego autos how it's become a powerful prescription for treating a condition that threatens his life. stay with us.
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well, a young california
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boy is pursuing a passion as he fights a devastating dees. his doctors believe the work is beneficial and rewarding. abc 7 news anchor carolyn johnson has the story. >> my mom wants to be an engineer. >> but the last several months while dylan has been a patient at children's hospital, los angeles he has built 70 planes, trains cars, temples and dralg ons. he doesn't watch tv or play video games and keeps building through blood draws. >> have you put one in the wrong place? >> no. i have one. then, i put in the right place. >> dylan has a severe form of a disease that drolz not create enough energy to sustain his body. parts of him are shutting down. but dwrorktz say petesing together legos is a powerful medicine. >> when you're building how does it make you feel? >> it zrakts the pain. >> as legos are being built it
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seems like he can focus on what he is achieving. >> nearly a dozen specialists are now working to combat his condition. while focusing on that, he is now graduated to projects so complex they're raitd for teenagers and have more than 1300 pieces. >> this just the way he talks about it, he puts himself into one of the places instead of being here it is easy. for me. >> what a great kid. he says his goal is to build a lego city. the hospital staff has been impressed they've created a gallery of the projects and we have a link on abc 7 go check out his work. >> absolutely. and listen to this, remember frisbee golf? it has a new name and lots of places to play it. >> mike shumann
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>> some of you remember
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frisbee golf, right? around since 1970s? >> noi, it's called disc golf. there are 160 courses in california alone you can play it oo. and this is fun and inexpensive. >> when taking a look you might not think golf. you play with a bag of plastic dips. >> these can go farther, some people have been going out and throw these things 600 or 700 feet. >> the shape changes the direction and distance. ball golf has holes this has metal baskets. you usually stwart a long drive, and finish with a smort putt. this is about 100 people
6:45 pm
turned out. a lot of the golf courses ever wide open, but this one is rugged. >> this is the toughest course i've played. >> lawrence drove up from southern california to play here. >> lots of fun. it's just extreme golf. the wend, then, every time you have a bad shot, go down the hill, up the hill. it's not for the meek. >> this course goes in and out of the woods. tree branches blocking a view and dip discs. there are no sand traps here. >> nettel and blk berry bush autos it has a growing number of fans. >> i love it. gits gets me outside. i see more wildlife doing this sport than just hiking. >> a lot of disc golf are public parks and are either free or low cost.
6:46 pm
the disc costing about 8ss today 20s oodz this is a fly die. >> beginners don't need much. i'm out here today with john child a professional disc golfer. 12th in california. >> frisbee was my minor in college. >> so far, john is not impressed. >> so you want a hard grip. you're using your whole body. hips, legs. just get timing right. you can get it to go far. >> my shots did not go that far but i did finally get near a basket. >> this is trash talk sni like this even more. >> now, we have a down hill
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shot. what you isn't knt see is mine going to the right. >> that wasn't a good strat ji sometimes hard part is finding the disc. john's under the tree. watch of perfect slow throe. >> oh. >> mine was farther away. >> i found it. >> i'm not ready for the ring of fire that. is what happens at the end. if it lands in the basket you get a prize. biggest winner beat some of the best in the west. >> every bit you get more adirected to it. >> estimating half a million people are regular players.
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>> like the ring of fire there. >> yes. sit. >> okay. >> mike is brave to try that. sandhya patel a look there. >> live doppler 7 showing a quieter seen here. it will be snowing in tahoe area first thing in the morning heading up there. ice slailted snow showers. in los angeles partly cloudy conditions with 61 degrees. here in the by area, sunny skies and dry for thursday. temperatures low to mid-60s, enjoy the break. into saturday we get a break sunday, monday, new year's eve, new year's day looking dry then a chance of rain returning by wednesday. system on saturday is not terribly impressive. but one next wednesday could be a bigger soaker.
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>> thank you. >> if you got a new tablet for smart phone, down load material on abc 7 we have a lot of stuff on there for you that is right. coming up next, rick kwan with sports. >> niners preparing for arizona. the latest on who is going to replace mario manningham z pro bowl selections made today. which players will get a
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with mario manningham out it appears niners will reactivate from the practice squad w mounting injury, san francisco was a 16 and a half point favor troit beat arizona sunday. cardinals lost 10 of the last 11 and we'll have brian boyer making a first nfl start. coach asked what problems arizona presents. >> we played against this team three times. you know?
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sometimes in a game like this, anything goes and you know they're going to be to win the game. and you have to be ready and alert for just about anything could be a new quarterback and new offensive system. anything is possible. >> if 49ers win and green bay loses san francisco will capture nfc west and get a first round bi. also picked is defensive tackle justin smith, and linebacker patrick williams -- willis. first timers, the raider dz not have a single player to make prot bowl. speaking of oakland no decision on who will start at
6:54 pm
quarterback in san diego. both practiced today but did face a majority of the snaps. san jose state playing the first bowl game tomorrow when taking on bowling green in the military bowl played in washington, d.c.. spartans come in riding a six-game winning streak. throwing for 31 touchdowns, san jose can move it on the ground beyond leon estridge. >> this is a good defensive football team. i watched them and three techniques and player of the year offensively they are efficient. there is a third year quarterback. >> they've given up 13 sacks that is something i want to
6:55 pm
increase that number. so hold running game, it's something they're good at. to be able to get pressure to make plays. just shut down offense. >> one bowl game tonight western kentucky playing in little ceasear's bowl. western kentucky making a bowl appearance answered with a trick play. reeko brown is wide open. and now, midway in the third quarter is central michigan on top. this sports report brought to you by mercedes-benz. >> all right. thank you. >> join me tonight at 9:00, that is cable channel 13. gun owners in new york say
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they're being targeted and a newspaper article has them outraged then at 11:00 mail thief and this time, police say it was the postmanman himself what. they found inside of his home. the stories and more right after nshville here at 11:00. we'll see you at 9:00 as well. >> if you have a new tablet don't forget to down load abc 7 news app. they're available through apple app store, google play and amazon. >> and free. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> from all of us here at abc 7 news, thanks for watching. >> we appreciate your time. hope to see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants -- a psychologist from pound ridge, new york... ...a financial advisor from santa fe, new m.. ...and our returning champion, a computer technician from dublin, ohio...
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